Our PR will be built around products, news, reviews and interviews. We centralize the creation and release of information with in-country considerations and sharing thru our PR contact list which will also be used to publicize events such as product launches, trade shows etc. 

As well as the worlds printed press which we consider to be highly influential and effective, we will look to grow the Brands presence online. This will cover a number of online channels including blogs, vlogs, review sites and YT channels etc.  

Where possible, PR will be tracked for opens, click throughs and publication to help analyze engagement and to continue building the brands presence. 

Video Content on YouTube

Video has became an important marketing tool with stats reporting, high click-through rates for video in emails, lower bounce rates, huge increase in sales conversions, massive viewer growth and of course, greater engagement than any other media format. 

We build and focused on YouTube channels for the purpose of driving traffic to the appropriate destinations and use an 8-point system that build engagement, more subscribers and viewers. 

As well as Youtube, we will distribute videos across a number of platforms including Facebook, Vimeo and any additional and relevant sites that we feel are gaining traction.

From professional commercials, interviews, product reviews to in-depth Tutorials.
Our Team creates your tailor-made content and adding a great value to your company’s marketing efforts.

About Synthax PR

A team with long-standing experience in the fields of strategy and the development of new concepts is available for you as a manufacturer. We prepare your marketing communication on a sound basis – whether it is flyers or an overall package comprising the development of a logo, business equipment, corporate design manuals, ads, mailings and the implementation in the media relevant for you.

Whether we develop concepts for individual trade fair appearances or integrate your products into social networks – we provide you with an independent and tailor-made design solution with a clear focus on our joint success and perfectly in line with the brand core.